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Episcript Solutions Pte Ltd

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #14-94 The Central Singapore 059818
Tel: (65) 62238234  Fax: (65) 62277267

We are an innovative Singapore-based team with combined expertise in application development, design, business development and marketing, delivering powerful online solutions since the early days of the internet. We are passionate about what we do and are always ready to put in the hours and go beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients get what they need, when they need it.

We provide a one-stop bespoke solution, so that you get a co-ordinated service across the entire project. We work with both small start-up businesses and large corporate firms and can fully tailor our solutions to the client's exact specification or budget. Our consulting approach ensures that we consider the commercial requirements of our clients first and foremost.


Ecommerce Development
Episcript is an Ecommerce website developer that integrates a full e-purchasing platform which includes an easy-to-use Content Management Solution, allowing our clients to take control of the products and services they offer their customers online. Our online store solutions are truly unique as they are fully designed, developed and tailored to the customers' exact requirements.

We do not use 'off-the-shelf' packages or ready-made solutions. We strongly believe that a quality electronic commerce system should be built by understanding the individual customer's specific business needs. That way, we are able to create new innovative functionality to grow your business, integrate more easily with your existing systems, and affordably host and manage your online shopping websites securely.

Ecommerce Development

Database Solutions

A database management system is a computerized data-keeping system. It is a set of software programs that enables users to create, edit, update, store and extract information from the database.

As businesses grow, increasing data management can become overwhelming at some point. Investing in a good database system is a prudent business decision to promote centralised, consistent information being effectively accessed and shared across the organisation. To illustrate, database systems significantly ease the manual processing of employees' data, customer transactions or physically handling marketing initiatives, just to name a few.


Now there is even better news! Imagine trying to keep a website up-to-date when you have to depend on someone else is frustrating enough. Database access has evolved where company employees and business owners can now explore on online databases, taking it with them whenever they are on the go. Now, there is a choice to opt for a database driven website, and you will be met with a whole host of automated and accessible possibilities, such as:

Database Solutions

Content Management Systems (CMS)
A web Content Management System enables you to manage all contents of your website without having to come back to us, or have any web programming knowledge skills. New pages or even entire sections of the website can be created and managed within a click of a mouse.

Having full independence in content management of your website guarantees significant reductions in operating costs and response time, and increases overall productivity. Moreover, regular updating of a web's content promotes better positions on search engines that re-evaluate your site's positioning, based on how often contents are updated. It also encourages audience re-visits for the latest news. 

Episcript's web content management systems are fully built and tailored to the customer's exact requirements. We do not use 'off-the-shelf' packages and ready-made solutions. We build our content systems by first understanding the individual customer's needs and their specific business requirements.

Content Management Systems

A good website design will create impact and inspire confidence to your target market.

Episcript's creative web team is skilled at developing designs which promote your corporate identity, and fuse your brand values with the needs of key audience groups. Our development team then makes these designs on the website a reality with tidy and future proof coding, while project managers ensure that your project runs on time and budget. Together, we design a memorable online experience, which is easy to navigate, visually stimulating and accessible.

We have a strong belief in audience attraction and converting website visitors into customers; and we regularly carry out extensive market research to identify the target audience and understand what the customer looks for in a website.

Website Design

Mobile Websites & Apps
Going mobile is a key ingredient to a well-rounded and diverse Internet presence.

Episcript Mobile solution enables businesses to take full advantage of the rapidly evolving mobile market with a full range of services

Mobile Websites and Apps

Online Marketing
Building an online presence extends far beyond launching a new site. With the intensive competition, success lies in being able to attract the correct visitors who have the potential to be loyal brand advocates and engaging them in a continuous interaction. 

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