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L & R Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd
L & R Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
L & S Cosmetics And Toiletries (M) Sdn Bhd
L & T Machinery Enterprise Sdn Bhd
L Double U Technology Resources (M) Sdn Bhd
L. A. Maxwell Enterprise Sdn Bhd
L. B. Furniture Sdn Bhd
L. Inc
L. V. Control Sdn Bhd
L.K.Tee Enterprise Sdn Bhd
L.S.K Enterprise Sdn Bhd
L.Y. Chua Agency
La Belle Rent A Car Sdn Bhd
La Boss Hotel
La Diva Bridal
La Floresta Sdn Bhd
LA Glamour Professional Hair And Beauty
La Holidays Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd
LA Swimming Center Sdn Bhd
La Tropical Sdn Bhd
La Villa Langkawi (Private Pool)
Lab Alliance Sdn Bhd
Lab ID Supplies Sdn Bhd
Labchem Sdn Bhd
Label Plus Sdn Bhd
Labeltronic Sdn Bhd
Labmetrik Electrical Sdn Bhd
Laboff (M) Sdn Bhd
Labour & Employment Lawyers - Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants
Ladder Technology Industrial Sdn Bhd
Ladders Enterprise
Lafonis Educational Supplies
LAG Sdn Bhd
Laguna Redang
Lai Moving Crane & Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd
Lake Kenyir Resort
Lal Engineering Sdn Bhd
Lalang Resources Sdn Bhd
Lam Chuan Enterprises Sdn Bhd
Lam Keong Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Lam Loong Enterprise
Lam Seng Plastics Industries Sdn Bhd
Lam Wah Enterprise
Laman Pesona Resort & Spa
Laman Web Rasmi Hospital Labuan
Lambda Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd
Lamex Wallcoverings (M) Sdn Bhd
Laminate Collection
Lan Hoe Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Lanc Corporation Sdn Bhd
Lanceford Exhibitions (M) Sdn Bhd
Land & General Berhad
Landserve Sdn Bhd
Lang Sari Resort
Langkah Syabas Beach Resort
Langkapuri Inn
Langkawi Car Rental
Langkawi Chantique
Langkawi Ferry Services Sdn Bhd
Langkawi Holidays Sdn Bhd
Langkawi Lagoon Resort
Langkawi Plastic & Printing Sdn Bhd
Lanpro Technology Sdn Bhd
Lanson Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Lanson Place Hospitality Management Ltd
Lariche Community
Larrie Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
Laser Skin Care
Lasmaha Metal Sdn Bhd 
Latexx Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Lau Engineering & Automation Control
Laures International Sdn Bhd
Lavenda Building Systems Sdn Bhd
Lavender Bakery & Pâtisserie
Lavender Kitchen Sdn Bhd
Lavino Furniture
Law & Commerce Trust Limited
Law Firms In Dubai - Lawyers In Dubai - Ask The Law
Layar Intan Sdn Bhd
Lazarus Sdn Bhd
Lazat Spices Industrial Sdn Bhd
Lazern Sdn Bhd
LB Aluminium Berhad
Lb Management Services
LBB Teams (M) Sdn Bhd
LBH Brother Industries Sdn Bhd
LBT Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
LC Cabinetry & Renovation Design
LC Chip Board Manufacturer
LC Engineering Services Sdn Bhd
LC Maize Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
LC Trinity Sdn Bhd
LC Worldwide Sdn Bhd
LCW Industry Supply
LDC Kompressoren Sdn Bhd
LDC Technology Sdn Bhd
Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor
Le Hotel
Le Pure Beauty Concept Sdn Bhd
Le Reve Translations
Lea Education Sdn Bhd
Lead Training Centre
Leader Cable Industry Bhd
Leadership Resources (M) Sdn Bhd
Leading Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd
Leading Edge Aviation Planning Professionals
Leagoo (M) Sdn Bhd
Lean Applied Sdn Bhd
Lean Business Solutions PLT
Lean Lee Trading Co. Sdn Bhd
Leap Energy Partners Sdn Bhd
Leap Forth Sdn Bhd
Leap Leadership Academy Sdn Bhd
LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd
Leapple Boutique Hotel
Learning Fresh
Learning Solutions Training & Development 
Leathersofa Industries Sdn Bhd
Lebar Daun Development Sdn Bhd
Lecker Food Sdn Bhd
Led Display Panel
LED Vision Sdn Bhd
Leda Technology Enterprise
Ledtronics Sdn Bhd
Lee & Sia Timber Sdn Bhd
Lee & Sons Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Lee & Tengku Azrina
Lee Architectural Consultancy
Lee Biscuits Pte Ltd
Lee Chuan Guan Steel Sdn Bhd
Lee Flower.Com
Lee Heng High Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd
Lee Hoe Electrical & Trading Sdn Bhd
Lee Ming Press Sdn Bhd
Lee Wah Florist Sdn Bhd
Leeco Industrial Supply
Leeden Bee & Soo Bee Sdn Bhd
Leeden Hercules Sdn Bhd
Leeden Welding Sdn Bhd
Legasi Press Sdn Bhd
Legend Business Solution Sdn Bhd
Legend Inn Hotel
Legend Of The Sea
Legend Resort Cherating
Legend Top Steel & Metal
Legend Vacations Sdn Bhd
Legond Home Furniture
Legostone Sdn Bhd
Leisure Farm Corporation Sdn Bhd
Leithammel Sdn Bhd
Lek Seng Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd
Lek Sun Mfg Sdn Bhd
Lelab Sdn Bhd
Lemar International
Lembayung Pest Control
Lencana Industries Sdn Bhd
Lenchong Metal Works Sdn Bhd
Lenfa Medical (M) Sdn Bhd
Leng Kee Auto Training Academy
Leno Corporation Berhad
Lenouveau Sdn Bhd
Leo Automation Trading
Leo Burnett Advertising
Leo Design Sdn Bhd
Leoco Industries Sdn Bhd
Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft
Leonfast Sdn Bhd
Leong Cabins
Leong Gay Furniture
Leong Hoon Leok Acupuncture & Medical Centre
Leong Management Services (Kuala Lumpur)
Leong Seng Design Studio Sdn Bhd
Lepcon Tools (M) Sdn Bhd
Lesmond Lee & Co
Lesson Mech Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd
Lesysco Sdn Bhd
Letrik P. J. Union Sdn Bhd
Lever E & E Sdn Bhd
Lexis Suites Penang
Lexton Industrial Supplies
LF Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd
LF Metal Technology Sdn Bhd
LFE Engineering Sdn Bhd
LG Forklift Trading & Services
LH Label Sdn Bhd
LH Lighting & Automation Sdn Bhd
LH Tech Trading Sdn Bhd
Lian Hin Trading
Lian Ho Trading (1988) Sdn Bhd
Lian Hong
Lian Hua Seng Sdn Bhd
Lian Lee Kimia Sdn Bhd
Lian Ngoi Industry Sdn Bhd
Lian Soon Auto Spares Trading
Lian Soon Siong Sdn Bhd 
Lian Wah Stationers & Papers Sdn Bhd
Liang Florists
Liang Xin Spa
Lian-Hoe Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Liasari Sdn Bhd
Liberty Printing Sdn Bhd
Liberty Travel & Tours (M) Sdn Bhd
Libra Invest Berhad
Licentokil (M) Sdn Bhd
Lien Huat Alliance Sdn Bhd
Liew Kin Choong Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Life Design & Print Sdn Bhd
Lifeline Innovators Sdn Bhd
Lifestyle Gardens
Lifestyle Ventures Sdn Bhd
Lifeways Sdn Bhd
Liftech Engineering ( Kl)
Ligavest Sdn Bhd
Lightcraft (Kl) Sdn Bhd
Lighthouse Consulting Sdn Bhd
Lightning Protection System Sdn Bhd
Lii Hen Furniture Sdn Bhd
Lik Soon Sdn Bhd
Likas Square Apartment Hotel
Likom Caseworks Sdn Bhd
Lily Sdn Bhd
Lim Chong Chuan & Associates
Lim Chong Crane Services
Lim Copy Centre Sdn Bhd
Limar Management Services Sdn Bhd
Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology
Limocab (M) Sdn Bhd
Limovan & Transportation Service
Lim-Up Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Lin Hoo Bros Sdn Bhd
Linds Furniture Sdn Bhd
Line 32
Lineguard Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
Linetech (M) Sdn Bhd 
Linexcom Sdn Bhd
Ling-N Couture
Lings Service Network (M) Sdn Bhd
Linguaphone Distributors Sdn Bhd
Link Bonny Sdn Bhd
Linkhelpers Webs
Links Survey (M) Sdn Bhd
Lins Advertising & Marketing Sdn Bhd
Lins Advertising & Marketing Sdn Bhd
Lins Digiital - Best Seo Company Malaysia
Lintrachem Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Linuxhouse Dotnet Sdn Bhd
Linxis Sdn Bhd
Lion & Lion Digital Agency
Lion Best Sdn Bhd
Lion Steelworks Sdn Bhd
Lionsworld Corporate Support Sdn Bhd
Lip Gee Sdn Bhd
Lipho Office System Sdn Bhd
Lipidchem Sdn Bhd 
Lipo Spray Coating Services
Lipta Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd
Liqueur Agency Sdn Bhd
LIS Bridal Sdn Bhd
Lisa De Inn
List Ico
Listening Lab Sdn Bhd
Listo Office System Sdn Bhd
LIT Technology Sdn Bhd
Lit Weng Design & Advertising Sdn Bhd
Li-Tak Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd
Litako Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Litat Stainless Steel & Metal Work
Li-Ter Vegetarian Supplier Sdn Bhd
Lithochem Sdn Bhd
Little Kashmir
Little League Soccer Sdn Bhd
Little Loft Wardrobe
Little Play Loft Sdn Bhd
Littlewhiz Marketing Sdn Bhd
Livefit Asia Sdn Bhd
Lively Innovative Web Solutions
Live-Tech Sdn Bhd
Livetecs Llc
Living Star Asia
Living Wing Sdn Bhd
Livingactive Online Store
Lizardapps Malaysian Development Centre Sdn Bhd
LJ Interior Design And Construction
LKL Advance Metaltech Sdn Bhd
LKL Sunrise Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd
LKM Machinery & Trading
Lks (M) Sdn Bhd
LKS Build Development Sdn Bhd
Lks West Instruments Sdn Bhd
LKSoft Solutions
LLK Agro System Sdn Bhd
LMT Automation Sdn Bhd 
LNL Integrated Construction Sdn Bhd
LNL Reno Enterprise
Lo Hong Ka Sdn Bhd
Loans Easy
Lobos Network (M) Sdn Bhd
Local Basic Sdn Bhd
Local Best Holiday Sdn Bhd
Locker & Lock Sdn Bhd 
Locksmith Service
Locus-T Online Sdin Bhd
Locus-T Online Sdn Bhd
Lodge Paradize Hotel
Loft Design & Build Sdn Bhd
Logamweld (M) Sdn Bhd
Logic Automation Sdn Bhd
Logic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Logica Centre Of Computer & Management Sdn Bhd
Logistics Consulting Asia
Loh & Loh Corporation Berhad
Lohguanlye Specialists Centre
Loke Yew Auto Windscreen Specialist
Lokl Coffee Co
LOL Photobooth Malaysia
London Degree
Lone Pine Hotel
Long Desktop
Long Heng Plastic Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Longbridge Consulting
Longcane Industries Sdn Bhd
Lonson Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd
Loo Sek Choy Plumbing Construction Sdn Bhd
Looi Software
Look Asia Holidays
Lookatyou Sdn Bhd
Loong Kee Dried Meat Sdn Bhd
Lord Security (M) Sdn Bhd
Lot 10 Hotel
Lotus Asia Tours Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
Lotus Spa
Louisville Dumpster Rental Hq
Lourdes Medical Centre
Love & Co.
Love Florist Sdn Bhd
Love Holiday Sdn Bhd
Lovey Trading
Loving Hands Marketing
Loving Street Gift Resources
Lovinna Home & Office Furniture
Low Fatt Wood Industries Sdn Bhd
Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd
Loytape Industries Sdn Bhd
LP Hoong Engineering Works Sdn Bhd
LPY Empire Sdn Bhd
LS Venture Enterprise
LS Vibro Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd
Lsb Synergy Sdn Bhd
LSE Diesel Parts Sdn Bhd
LSK Project Sdn Bhd
Lt Generator Sdn Bhd
LT Rubber Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
LT Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
LTI Material Sdn Bhd
Lua Brothers Engineering Sdn Bhd
Lubright Solutions Sdn Bhd
Luca Design
Lucky Premiums Marketing Sdn Bhd
Ludher Mind Body Healing & Wellness Centre
Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd
Lum Tseng Engineering Sdn Bhd
Lumber Mart Sdn Bhd
Lumut Country Resort
Lumut Maritime Terminal Sdn Bhd
Lumut Valley Resort Condominium
Lusso Furniture Sdn Bhd
Luster Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd
Luther Corporate Services Sdn Bhd
Luxbee Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Luxury Travel
Luxx Newhouse Group
LV & Associates Consultant Sdn Bhd
LVD (M) Sdn Bhd
LY Furniture Sdn Bhd
LY Tools Technologies Sdn Bhd
Lyc Senior Living
Lye Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
LYF Forklift Parts Sdn Bhd
Lynx Tech Electronics & Services
Lyreco Group
Lyric Labs Sdn Bhd
Lysaght Marketing Sdn Bhd
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